Office of Student Affairs

​​​​​​​​​​​The Office of Student Affairs supports student engagement in campus life, promotes student health and wellness, and provides learning support. It works to ensure an inclusive environment providing accessible education for students with varying disabilities. in order to improve the quality of education.​

Extracurricular activities​

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) organizes regularly inclusive extracurricular activities as we strongly believe that learning outside the classroom compliments the academic offerings of the University. Our activities aim to be recreational, community based and civically engaged. They also promote cultural interest, openness, and inclusion within our student population while inspiring team building and awareness of environmental matters and global challenges.​


​​​​ Accessible education

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) facilitates equal access for students with disabilities to academic, social, and recreational activities and programs. The office works in collaboration with students, faculty, and staff to implement services and accommodations that remove barriers to participation in a robust and well-rounded student experience. The provision of such accommodations is in accordance with the university's commitment to these goals, AUB Mediterraneo's non-discrimination policy, and relevant US federal law. The office works in an individualized and confidential manner to provide the needed accommodation to students with special needs and disabilities.

The OSA Accessible Education Officer determines a student's eligibility for accommodations based on a confidential multiple source evaluation process. The process includes meeting with the student and discussing their self-reported needs and struggles, evaluating the history of accommodations (school or university), diagnostic information and clinical assessments, clinician's observation and reports, and therapeutic and treatment progress.

Digital accessibility

The Office of Student Affairs is committed to implementing Accessibility for a Bolder Learning Experience (ABLE) that opens the doors of higher education to all through digital accessibility. ABLE aims at increasing the retention and success rates of students with disabilities and to support their transition to the labor market by developing and deploying accessibility to campus-wide IT resources. ABLE's scope covers assistive technologies (AT), learning content, services, resources, policies, inclusive IT support, collaboration platforms, IT facilities and learning spaces.   

Work-study program

The Office of Student Affairs organizes a work-study program for all students, including students with disability. The work-study program offers AUB Mediterraneo students the opportunity to develop hands-on skills and competencies by performing technical, secretarial, research, library, and additional work. This program will help to prepare students for the labor market while providing a source of income that can reduce their educational expenses.

Counseling services

The student counselor will be dedicated to providing counseling services to registered students. Students may seek counseling for any difficulty they may be facing: 

  • Depression and constant sadness 
  • Anxiety and panic attacks 
  • Physical or sexual abuse 
  • Substance abuse 
  • Academic difficulties
  • Other personal issues including intimate relationships, family problems, identity-related difficulties , etc. 

Career services and mobility office

The career services and mobility officer will work closely with colleagues in Beirut to:

  • Deliver career guidance and counseling to students
  • Coordinate with various campus offices and departments to promote career services to students including internships
  • Organize information sessions, career development workshops, outreach activities, and recruitment events to inform students about employment opportunities and to assist them in resume writing, interview readiness, and job search techniques
  • Develop, organize, and manage an online career portal
  • Identify potential local and regional employers and develop and maintain relationships with these employers
  • Gather career-related data as well as information about the latest employment trends in the market
  • Set up various international programs (study abroad and international student services)

Healthcare services​

AUB Mediterraneo provides all enrolled students with healthcare services through its partnership with Saint George & Blue Cross private hospital in Pafos, Cyprus. Students will receive a 50% discount on the immigration examination (blood tests and X-rays), free doctor consultations, and additional coverage to assist with hospitalization fees (inpatient and outpatient services).