International Student Visa Information

​​​International non-EU/EEA/Swiss students must obtain a residence permit to legally pursue their studies in Cyprus.

Obtaining a residence permit is a two-step process:

1. You must first apply for and re​c​eive an entry permit that enables you to enter Cyprus as a student.​
2. After entering Cyprus, you must register and apply for a residence permit.
EU/EEA/Swiss nationals must proceed, within four months from arrival to Cyprus, in person, to their District’s Unit of the Aliens and Immigration Service of the Police (or the headquarters of the Civil Registry and Migration Department, if they reside in Nicosia District), pay the official fee and submit the required documents.
Our team at AUB Mediterraneo is here to assist and support you throughout this process. (There is detailed information below about how to reach us.)

You must apply for an entry permit prior to leaving your country of origin.

1. Prepare the documents required to obtain a student entry permit to Cyprus. (See list of required documents below. You can also download a list of the required documents that includes additional information about what you need to do for each document h​e​re.)
2. After you have compiled the required documents, share scanned copies with the university for review and further instructions.
3. After you are notified by us that your documents are in good order,​ send the original doc​uments to this address via guaranteed postal service or courier:

​    American University of Beirut - Mediterraneo
    Neophytou Nicolaides 69
    8011 Pafos, Cyprus
    P.O. Box 64004
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: +357 26 813333

4. When you are notified that your entry permit has been issued, travel to Cyprus. (Most entry permits are valid for three months. You must arrange your travel to Cyprus to ensure you arrive with a valid entry permit.)​


Here is a list of the required (both legal and non-legal) documents that must be completed and/or submitted in order to apply for an entry permit. Please consult the checklist mentioned above to find out what you need to do for each of these documents.

  • It usually takes 4-6 weeks to process an entry permit application.​
  • Entry permit requirements vary depending on the country of citizenship. ​
  • Entry permits to study in Cyprus must be approved by the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth and the Cyprus Migration Office.​

When you arrive at either Larnaka or Pafos International Airport, you must present the following documents:

1. Passport.
2. Copy of the Entry permit. (also known as a “blue slip”)
3. Registration letter from AUB Mediterraneo.
4. Receipt of payment of registration/tuition fees to AUB Mediterraneo.
5. Cash of at least €2,000 (two thousand Euros). You must declare the cash you bring with you at Customs.
​Items 2-5 above will be detailed on the entry permit and may vary depending on your circumstances. Students who are receiving full scholarships, for example, may be asked to ​declare less or no cash.

When you Arrive at AUB Mediterraneo

  • Obtaining health insurance.
  • Guide you to the nearest medical center to get the medical tests you need to apply for a residence permit.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Securing a copy of the rental agreement if you are staying in AUB Mediterraneo student housing.
  • Booking an appointment at the Migration Department to process your residence permit application.

If your documents are in order, the Migration Department will issue you a receipt, an application reception document, and an alien registration certificate (also known as a “yellow slip”). They will also collect your biometric data. The Civil Registry and Migration Dep​artment will normally issue a temporary residence permit (also known as a “pink slip”) within 2-3 months.